My Deal

My name is Carter Huffman. I have been a fan of food pretty much my whole life, and always want to learn more about food, drink, and technique. I have my Mom to thank for introducing me to a world of food that didn’t totally suck. However, that did not stop them from telling me that I was insane for wanting to attend culianry school after I graduated from High School. They, understandably, wanted me to go to “real college” which I begrudgingly did. They told me that if I still wanted to go after I graduated, then I could.

So, I put in my time at the University of Georgia (and now proud of it) where I did earn my degree. After graduating I promptly moved to Miami to attend Johnson & Wales University for Culinary School, where I learned more than anyone could imagine and had the time of my life. After school, I happily went off to the industry, where I had been before in High School, but never in a city like Miami.

After spending some time in the business, I like many, burned out. I grew tired of missing every holiday and watching everyone else have a life (or so I thought) while I was closing the hot line at 2AM.

I was able to con someone into giving me a normal 9 to 5 job, which worked pretty well for a while. I was convinced that living among the normal people was the way to go. However, after some time had passed, I felt the urge to play with food again. Honestly, stepping away from the industry let me actually think about food again, and enjoy it! I began to play with food in ways that working in commercial kitchens never did. This website, is the product of that; a place to share some of the things that I have been thinking about and working on. You’ll no doubt notice that a lot of the things I post on here will be on the subjects of charcuterie, infusions, and preservations of various flavors; Although not exclusively. I concoct all of these little projects out of my home kitchen, so you’ll also notice that I have to make the best of a tight situation. I find these subjects interesting and full of new skills that can be learned as well as be practical for everyday use. Enjoy!

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